Contact Lenses are a Great Alternative to Wearing Glasses

Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses, giving patients the freedom of excellent visual acuity with unrestricted peripheral vision. Hundreds of different types of contacts are available making contacts an option for almost everyone. Daily disposable contacts are available for patients that want the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and eye health. Daily disposable and monthly disposable contacts are the most commonly prescribed options. Two week and monthly contacts are available with daily wear and extended wear options. Baby boomers will appreciate the benefits of bifocal contact lenses as we start to experience the challenges of reading over age 40.

Quarterly replacement lenses are more commonly prescribed to patients with higher prescriptions falling outside the parameters of more frequently replaced lenses.

Contacts are often used therapeutically to treat conditions such as keratoconus. Patients with keratoconus will usually see better with contact lenses than glasses. Dr. Driscoll is a keratoconus specialist at Total Eye Care. Prosthetic contact lenses are helpful for patients with conditions such as corneal scars, irregular pupils, and different colored eyes (heterochromia) giving the patient a symmetrical appearance and less sensitivity to light.

If you are an unsuccessful contact lens wearer it is worth another try. Advancements in contact lens solutions, materials, and dry eye treatment have made it possible for many previously unsuccessful contact lens wearers to once again comfortably enjoy the benefits of contact lenses.