Diagnosis and Treatment of Pink Eye and Red Eyes

red eyes, pink eyePink eye is a descriptive term indicating the eye is inflamed for some reason. Not all pink eyes are infected or contagious. “Pink” eye is usually caused by a virus (often quite contagious), allergies, or bacteria. The most common cause of pink eye is a viral infection or allergies. Patients with pink eye should not wear contact lenses. If you or your child have pink eye, it is best to see your eye doctor.

At Total Eye Care we see patients every day with pink and red eyes. We will determine the cause of your red eye and prescribe the best course of action to get you back to normal in the shortest time possible.

Red EyesIf you are a contact lens wearer and do not already have a pair of good back up glasses we have the most high tech equipment available. Our state of the art wavefront technology allows us to make ophthalmic lenses for 80% of all prescriptions within only a few hours, and with almost 1000 eyeglass frames you are sure to find a pair of glasses you love.

Eye AllergiesCall our Colleyville 817.431.0333 or Keller/Southlake 817.431.4900 office and get relief today. We look forward to seeing you. You may also find it helpful to pre-register for your visit online and skip the paperwork at the office.