Prosthetic Contact Lenses

prosthetic contact lens for key hole pupilProsthetic contact lenses are one of those hard to fit lenses.  At Total Eye Care, we specialize in rare and hard to fit contact lenses. Prosthetic contact lenses use technology developed for the special effects film industry to make both eyes look the same. Most people are born with eyes that have a uniform appearance; however, sometimes the pupil does not develop completely. An example of this is a keyhole pupil as shown at the left. When the iris does not form a complete circle in the womb during the developmental phase a keyhole pupil develops, so named because of its appearance, like a hole you would insert your key. Another example is when the patients are born without a pupil.

Trauma can also cause a disfigured eye or irregular pupil. This too is an excellent application for a prosthetic contact lens. Prosthetic contact lenses also help people with severe corneal scarring, irregular pupils, and different colored eyes (heterochromia) to achieve a more symmetric appearance.

Free Consult for Prosthetic Contact Lenses

If you or a loved one feels they may benefit from a prosthetic contact lens call our Colleyville office at 817.416.0333 or the Keller/Southlake office at 817.431.4900 for a free consult with one of our eye doctors.