The Total Eye Care Optical

The Total Eye Care Optical specializes in providing our patients with first-class service.  It is our goal to make sure that you feel you have been “more than well taken care of”.  To us, service is a priority.  A cornerstone of our policy to provide the kind of service that truly impresses patients is our “Bring Us the Pieces” Frame and Lens Warranty.

High Fashion Designer Frames

Total Eye Care Keller OpticalThe frame selection at Total Eye Care is second to none.  We have frames from the top designers around the world.  We receive new frames daily so our selection is always fresh and up to date.

We stock frames in all price ranges from budget to high-end custom designer frames.  We will also custom order frames on approval.  At Total Eye Care, it is all about service.

Ophthalmic Lenses

Premium lenses are an essential part of making you see and look your best.  It is our duty to present to you all of the options while answering all of your questions and guide you in your selection.  We carry lenses from all of the leading ophthalmic lens manufacturers such as Hoya, Zeiss, Essilor, Sola, Varilux and Shamir.

This is a great time to get a pair of computer glasses, prescription sunglasses, reading glasses or simply another pair for a different look. Children will benefit from a second pair for sports.  As a general rule, the glasses a child wears to school are very poorly suited for sports.

A backup pair of glasses is also important for children that frequently break their frames, allowing them to still see their best while their broken frame or lenses are being fixed under our “Bring us the Pieces” frame and lens warranty.  Sport glasses are designed to protect the eyes from impact as well as preventing the frame itself from causing injury should your athlete get hit in the face.

The eye doctors at Total Eye Care feel it is very important for their contact lens patients, including bifocal contact lens patients, to have a pair of glasses to wear as backups to their contact lenses.  Many contact lens irritations can be resolved by simply wearing glasses for a day.  Contact lens wearers that do not have a pair of glasses have a much higher incidence of red eyes.  All contact lens wearers are entitled to select a pair of frames from our special selection. The frames and lenses are available as a complete package for only $99.  Want a designer frame or a frame that is not included in the special selection?  No problem, we also offer 20% off on backup glasses, including sunglasses.